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Use Our Bridging Loan Calculator

& Find Out How Much a Bridging Loan Will Cost You.

Bridging Loan Calculator
The total 'net' loan amount that you are looking to borrow.
The maximum number of months you require the loan for.
Set by default at our most common rate, this can be edited if required.
Set by default at our most common reduced fee, this can be edited if required.
Set by default at nil because it is very unusual for our plans to have an exit fee.
The number of properties you will be securing the loan against.
The estimated market value of the property being used as security.
The total balance of any mortgages on the property that are not being cleared.
Property 2: Value
Property 2: Mortgage Balance
Property 3: Value
Property 3: Mortgage Balance
Property 4: Value
Property 4: Mortgage Balance
Property 5: Value
Property 5: Mortgage Balance
Property 6: Value
Property 6: Mortgage Balance
Net Bridging Loan Amount:  £ 0
Loan Term:  0 Months
Monthly Interest:  0%
Lender Facility Fee (0 to 2%):  £ 0
Gross Loan Amount:  £ 0
Average Monthly Interest Charged:  £ 0
Total Interest if Loan Runs Full Term:  £ 0
Gross Loan + Roll Up Interest:  £ 0
Loan To Value (LTV):   ?
Other Costs
Valuation Fees:   £ 0
Lender's Admin Fee:   £ 0
Estimated Lender's Legal Costs:       £ 0
Telegraphic Transfer Fee:   £ 0
Redemption Admin Fee:   £ 0
Exit Fee:   £ 0
Packager + Broker Fees:   £ 0

Our bridging loan calculator is designed to help you get a picture of costs involved in bridging and is not an accurate representation for your specific needs. If you would like a thorough breakdown of options tailored to your needs then please give us a call or email the inquiry.

Instances of when a bridging loan may be right for you

  • Bridge the gap between buying a new property and the sale of an existing one.
  • Raise capital before sale for reasons such as refurbishments. (Then market the property at a higher price).
  • If your dream home is up for sale and has many interested parties but you’re still waiting for your existing property to sell then a bridging loan would be ideal to secure it.
  • If you want to purchase a commercial premises, refurbish and/or change it’s use before switching to a commercial mortgage as a feasible exit strategy

Associated risks with bridging loans

  • Interest rates are relatively high and there are admin fees usually.
  • You need to be 100% certain of receiving a mortgage approval. Otherwise you could find yourself with a high interest bridging loan without the means to repay it.

Bridging loan calculator terms explained

Gross loan amount – The gross loan amount includes the required borrowing combined with the added interest over the full term and arrangement fees.

Net loan amount – The net loan amount is the sum paid to you or the seller on completion of the loan after all of the fees and costs are taken into account.

Exit fee – The charge to terminate and repay the loan earlier than the term set out in the initial proposal. This can be an additional part to the sum paid back when the loan term finishes. Also known as a redemption charge or loan repayment fee they typically represent a small percentage of the loan.

Rolled-up interest – Rather than paying the interest of a loan incrementally throughout its term, it is ‘rolled up’ (added together) and put on top of the balance that is to be paid back at the end.

Service interest – The more common products in bridging finance has the client repay interest monthly over the loan term.

The bridging loan calculator can provide the differences to expect when choosing monthly interest payments (serviced) or having it rolled up.

We do have relationships with lenders that consider clients with adverse credit.

The loans can range from £10,000 – £500m+

The  bridging loan calculator provided is intended to give you an estimate of costs applied to a short-term bridging loan. Please be aware that all lenders differ in criteria, interest rates and even the way rates are calculated. For a more accurate representation of the best deals for you, simply contact us on the appropriate office number at the top of the page or fill in one of our on-line enquiry forms so we can discuss it further.


Guideline bridging rates: (Subject to status and individual circumstance)

Loan to Value Interest Rates
Up to 50% LTV 0.49%
Up to 65% LTV 0.59%
Up to 70% LTV 0.69%
Up to 75% LTV 0.75%


*Interest rates below 0.49% may be achieved in some circumstances through a private bank.

*There must be an exit strategy in place to pay off the bridge and loan capital.


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