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Commercial Mortgage Rates

Commercial Mortgage Rates

The commercial mortgage rate is not standardised like the buy to let or residential mortgages. But each of the rates is priced individually in order to match the proposal’s strength. Below are the fees associated with a commercial mortgage.

The Rates

There are two different types of commercial mortgage – the owner occupier for the trading premises and the other being a commercial investment for individuals looking for ways to invest in the field of commercial property. If you want to source both types commercial mortgage, you can ask for professional assistance from the team of experts.

The rates of the commercial mortgage are independent of the track record, industry sector, experience, performance and strength of your own business or any business you’re considering. A competitive term is available for any business owner and the transactions for the commercial mortgage are subject to fees.

The Fees

The fees for the transactions through this option will include the lender arrangement fee, a valuation fee, a legal fee, a broker fee and a payment. The lender arrangement fee is payable to the lender of the commercial mortgage to arrange the finance. The valuation fee is usually paid on the submission of the application or once the facilities are agreed in the principle.

The legal fee is the separation of the legal representation, which is then paid by the borrower. The broker fees are charged at the loan amount, which approximately 1% for the success of the transaction. And the last one is the payment, which can be accepted by the partner company through a credit card.

Commonly, these are the fees and rates you should expect when you are having a commercial mortgage. Always seek a professional assistance to make the process seamless for you.

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